Virtual Car Assembly Procedure

  1. Designate someone to build the spring while the rest of the group builds the car.
  2. Print the RP templates on a laser printer (if not already done)
  3. Glue the RP templates to construction board
  4. Cut out the RP layers with a knife (don't forget axle holes)
  5. Join each RP layer in sequence. Here is the recommended way:
    1. Poke pins through registration dots of layer #1, and remove
    2. Poke pins through registration dots of layer #2, and keep them inserted.
    3. Go back to layer #1 and put glue on it.
    4. Join layers and press together, matching the pinholes
    5. Remove pins and repeat for each additional layer.
      • Construct in sequence. Don't flip pieces over!
      • Leave middle layer unglued, for access to the spring (like the picture above)
  6. Insert spring bar (straightened paper clip inserted through registration holes at top of chamber)
  7. Insert spring hanger (paper clip suspended from spring bar)
  8. Cut front axle (body width + 3 inches)
  9. Cut rear axle (same length)
  10. Attach one end of spring to paper clip
  11. Staple other end of spring to arbor (rear axle)
  12. Install front axle and wheels (method of wheel attachment is up to you)
  13. Install rear axle and wheels (think about how the spring has to be wound)
  14. Join halves with spring bar
  15. Wind up and go!