Virtual Car Homework #2

This is an individual assignment. You are encouraged to discuss the question as a team, but be sure to do your own work. Please answer the following questions:

Part 1

As a member of a design team, you have a responsibility to bring your best ideas to the table. Several heads are better than one where creativity is concerned! To get your team started, use the Virtual Car software to come up with your own personal car design. Later, you can compare your design to those of your team members to help the creative process go forward.

Using the default materials (don't define your own materials yet), design a car for maximum speed as if you were going to enter the Speed Competition. Experiment with the shape of the car, the dimensions of the spring, the wheel diameters, and so on.

Note that your car has to have a projected distance of at least 15 feet to qualify. Also, traction force must be greater than propulsion force, or else the car will skid at the starting line.

Part 2

After you have come up with your design, save it using the Save... command. Then please answer the following simple questions.

1. What is the Projected Distance and the projected Time to 15 feet?

2. Which parameters (spring width, spring length, drive wheel diameter, other wheel diameter, arbor diameter, car shape, etc. etc) seemed to have the strongest influence on Time to 15 ft?


This homework will be graded based on the thoughtfulness of your answers.