Virtual Car Homework #1

This is an individual assignment. You are encouraged to discuss the question as a team, but be sure to write the answers in your own words. Please answer the following questions:

As we discussed, one of the things that Virtual Car needs to know is what kind of materials you will be using to build your car. Things like the density of the materials, the thickness of the materials, and the coefficient of friction of the wheel tread are important to the calculations that Virtual Car performs.

There are a lot of materials that you could use for the body of the car. The car we just built was made of half-inch foamcore. It works well for a variety of reasons, but not so well for other reasons. For example, it is good because it is relatively thick, but it is so soft that it is hard to cut or drill accurately.

1. You should choose a different material for your car. Relatively thick and easy to cut accurately are two functional requirements that your material should have. What other functional requirements can you think of?

2. Think of three (3) other materials that you might use, other than half-inch foamcore. Describe whether or not they fit each of the functional requirements that you listed.


This homework will be graded based on the thoughtfulness of your answers.